Telecommunications Case Study

UK4 FelthamUK Data Centre UK4 Feltham

Installation of the Eaton DC Systems and migration of the supplies/
batteries from the old Nortel DC Systems over to them without any
loss of service to customers, commission systems, Alarms and remote
monitoring via the client’s intranet.

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Customer DC System Upgrade Program

Eta Projects was awarded the program to replace the existing obsolete
Eltek SMPS175 DC Systems to the new Emerson Netsure 211 DC Power
The new Emerson Netsure 211 System offered the client a more
compact, efficient and powerful design as well as remote control and
monitoring software. This project was given high profile by the client as
there had been major incidents reported at various customer site locations
resulting in..

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IMG_2613DC Power Plant Upgrade, Germany

The existing Eltek DC Power Plant was over 20 years old and past its
manufactures recommended ‘shelf life’. Due to the age of the Power
Plant it had become unreliable, unmaintainable and difficult to source
spare parts.

Eta Projects were awarded the contract to replace the Eltek with a more
energy efficient system and…

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