Eta Projects delivers on site Training

Eta Projects Ltd are a recognised training and assessment centre with EAL.

At Eta Projects, we prepare and deliver on site Electrical Training for Authorised Persons, Competent Persons, Engineers,
Electricians and others with responsibilities for Electrical Systems (HV/LV).

The courses we provide are listed below. Click on the title of a specific training course to get more

NHS Training CoursesCourse Code
Introduction to Electrical Safety SystemsEta-01
Competent Person (LV) HTM 06-02Eta-04Personal Guidance

Personal Guidance
Authorised Person (LV) HTM 06-02Eta-07
Authorised Person (LV) HTM 06-02 RefresherEta-08
Authorised Person (HV) HTM 06-03Eta-11
Authorised Person (HV) HTM 06-03 RefresherEta-12
Authorised Person NHS Estates Operations versus ProjectsEta-17
Commercial Training CoursesCourse Code
Authorised Person (HV)Eta-13
Authorised Person (HV) RefresherEta-14
Authorised Person (HV) JSP 375Eta-15
Authorised Person (HV) to JSP 375 MOD Commercial RefresherEta-16
General Training CoursesCourse CodeP1060145

Training Manual
Fundamentals of Inspection and Testing of Electrical installationsEta-02
18th Edition Wiring RegulationEta-03
Substation Entry (HV)Eta-05
Electrical Distribution and Switchgear Site FamiliarisationEta-06
Generator Fundamentals Authorised Person LVEta-09
UPS Training Course Authorised Person (LV)Eta-10
Direct Current (DC) Systems Training CourseEta-18
Electrical System Protection and Discrimination StudiesEta-19
Aeronautical Ground Lighting Authorised PersonEta-20
First Aid Training CourseEta-21P1060135 CROPPPPED

Providing Electrical Training
These courses are provided by our Authorised Engineers and are site based. They include the
HTM 06-03/02 Healthcare Operation and Management of HV/LV Electrical Systems.


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