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Eta Projects is emerging as a leader in the Managed Services industry. With our dedicated team, we undertake the design, project management and management of building services for our clients both nationwide and internationally. We have developed relationships with our clients through the highest levels of service and rapid response that are required in the building engineering industry.

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach, which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements and we are committed to provide innovative engineering solutions within agreed time frames.

Specialised managed services we provide:

  • Telecommunication Power Maintenance.
  • Procurement of DC Systems.
  • DC Systems Design and Build.
  • Live DC System upgrades.
  • Critical Power Support.
  • Customer Database.
  • Co-location Implementation.
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Power.
  • Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS).
  • Power Monitoring.
  • Technical Support.


Managed Services – DC Systems

Eta Projects has extensive experience in the design and delivery of resilient DC solutions to support national and international telecommunication networks, where continuous power and environment are critical. We have a dedicated team of specialist DC engineers to support our clients. Between them, the specialist team has over a hundred years’ experience designing, installing and managing -48volt DC power systems on behalf of major international clients including BT, Singtel and other carriers.

Our Specialist engineers are highly trained and experienced and can undertake the live change-over of DC systems to ensure business continuity of service is maintained.

Eta Projects provide complete design solutions which include:cupboard row 1

  • DC system design and implementation.
  • DC system integration.
  • DC to telco equipment alarm interfacing.
  • DC battery ‘Live’ Implementation.
  • Customer site database management.
  • DC cabling implementation.
  • AC design and implementation.
  • Service support.



Current projects

Eta Projects have designed and installed a multitude of DC systems throughout the UK and mainland Europe, providing the power infrastructure to large telecommunication and data centres.
Recent projects have ranged from:

  • 2x200KW DC system in the UK.
  • 2x120KW DC system in Brussels.
  • 200KW DC system in Frankfurt.
  • 120KW DC System in Luxembourg.
  • 120KW DC System in Milan.
  • 40KW DC Systems in Oslo and Lisbon.

We also currently service two three-year frameworks, the first of which is to maintain large DC systems are over 120 sites across Europe. Manufacturers involved in this project are: EatonEltekAscomNortel and Emerson. The second framework is to provide preventative and reactive maintenance on smaller DC systems at over 1100 Point of Presence sites across the UK, also including Impedance/Conductance tests and technical support.