Metering Products

Eta Projects is the official UK distributor of Electro Industries Power Meters as well as a supplier of GE products, including EnerVista.
Examples of the most popular products we supply can be found below.


Electro Industries

ShS50ark 50 – Multifunction Electrical Power Meter

The Shark® 50 is an affordable 0.5% Class electrical panel meter. Utilising bright and large 0.56″ LED displays, this unit is designed to be installed in electrical panels and switchgear. The Shark 50 meter includes a unique anti-dither algorithm to improve reading stability, benefiting operators. The Shark 50 meter is easy to use and install and is perfect for new metering applications and as a simple replacement of existing analog meters.

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Sshark100_1hark 100 – Multifunction Power & Energy Meter  

The Shark® 100 is one of the industry’s highest performance revenue grade panel meters. This unit us perfect for new metering applications and as a simple replacement of existing analogue meters. The Shark 100 meter excels in metering energy accurately, The unit utilises high speed DSP technology with high resolution A/D conversion to provide revenue certifiable accuracy for Utility Billing, Substation Metering, Submetering and Critical Metering applications.

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Shark 200 – Up gradable Fully Featured Power & Energy Meter

The Shark® 200 is a new standard in panel mounted power metering. The Shark 200 metering system is an ultra-compact power metering device providing industry leading revenue metering functionality combined with advanced data-logging, power quality, communication and I/O traditionally found only in high performance and high cost systems. This product is designed to incorporate advanced features in a cost effective, small package for large scale, low cost deployment within an electrical distribution system.

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Shark 100B – Multifunction Switchboard Meter

The Shark® 100B is industry recognised as superior, providing revenue testable 0.2% Energy accuracy with compliance to modern ANSI and IEC standards. The unit utilizes advanced DSP technology, high sampling rates and 24-bit analog to digital conversion to measure and analyze power accurately and reliably.

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Shark shark100s_hi100S & 200S – Electronic Submeters with WiFi Ethernet Capability 

The Shark® 100s and 200s are the most advanced series of electrical submeters. These high performance products measure revenue grade electrical energy usage and communicate back information using RS485, RJ45 Ethernet or IEEE 802.11 WiFi Ethernet connections. Place a unit anywhere within a facility and it can communicate back to central software quickly and automatically.

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NexNexus 1252us 1252 – Smart Power Meter

Perfect for Industrial, Commercial and Utility Applications, the “Performance Enhanced” Nexus® 1252 meter is the newest Power Meter in the industry leading Nexus Series’ meters. The 1252 includes all the attributes of the Nexus 1250 meter as well as a host of new features that arm users with the highest level of PQ analysis and communication on the market today.

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Nexus 1262 1272Nexus 1262/1272 – High Performance Utility Billing Meters

T he Nexus® 1262/1272 meter provides one of the most profound analyses of electricity available in a socket meter. The unit offers extensive advanced monitoring features to meet the most critical power monitoring requirements. Using advanced DSP technology, the Nexus® meter measures immediate and stored revenue power data, as well as providing superior power quality and communication.

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nexus-1500Nexus 1500 – Transient Recorder and Power Meter with Advanced Power Quality and Communication

The Nexus® 1500 meter is the most advanced monitoring product on the market today, providing you with the total picture of energy usage and power quality from any metered point in a power distribution network, allowing you to make power related decisions quickly and effectively.

  • Technology specifically designed for Utilities and Industry;
  • Real Time power quality monitoring and analysis identifies PQ and reliability events quickly;
  • Manage peak demand electrical power usage;
  • Report data quickly and reliably using Ethernet or serial communications;
  • Advanced transient analysis for critical power systems.

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Energy Manager Software

EIG introduces our single most powerful software application suite. This system provides a complete and comprehensive energy management solution for the most demanding applications. The system is based on a modular concept in which each module can be adapted at any time to the system, allowing you to begin with a simple solution and migrate to a sophisticated enterprise-wide solution as the need arises. Energy Manager EXT grows with you as your need for better and more advanced monitoring increases. This system scales from a small 10-point architecture to a comprehensive enterprise-wide energy management system with costing and power quality. This system consists of 5 separate software application modules. Each of these modules can be installed as an add-on to fill the specific application needed.

Software Application Modules:

  1. Communicator EXT – This module allows you to view real time readings, configure meters, download stored logs and analyze waveforms. This is a very robust software application, providing most of the functionality a standard user will need.  
  2. AI Reports EXT – This is a basic reporting package providing an AI solution to observed power quality problems. 
  3. Dial In Server EXT – This Server application allows remote meters in the field to dial-in and report outage information. This is useful for remote meter applications where only telephone access is available.
  4. HMI EXT – This HMI module allows the user to connect a graphical HMI interface to the software. This module runs in conjunction with the other applications. This software ystem allows you to graphically view all data through the Internet, control electrical distribution points and compile energy usage reports easily and quickly. Energy Manager EXT’s scalable infrastructure grows with your application.
  5. Communicator Copilot EXT – This module works on Windows CE and allows for communicating to meters via IrDA or Serial. This allows for basic meter polling, programming and log downloads.
  6. Energy Billing EXT – This module takes stored data from Energy Manager HMI databases and conducts full energy billing and reporting.




 PQM II Power Quality Meter – Power Quality and Energy Cost Management


GE Multilin has set a new standard in metering technology with the introduction of the PQM II. This meter, designed on the latest industry specifications, provides accurate and reliable three-phase power metering with an optional Ethernet and fiber communications module in a small and modern package.
The PQM II can be used for a variety of applications including metering of distribution feeders, transformers, generators and motors.




GE EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring 

EnervistaEnerVista Viewpoint is a family of software packages that can simplify each step of using GE Multilin devices including the designing of protection and control logic, commissioning of relays, real time monitoring and data collection, and troubleshooting of your relays or system.
The three Viewpoint software offerings available are:

1) Viewpoint Engineer;
2) Viewpoint Engineer;
3) Viewpoint Maintenance.



Ordering information:

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