Metering Solutions

Eta Projects provide a full comprehensive Power Quality and Energy Management Service using our in-house Energy Management System and fully trained Engineers.

Our Power Quality analysers can detect any abnormality on the electrical supply, i.e. harmonic distortion etc.
This facility enables us to provide an unique added value service to our clients.


Is your building power critical and experiencing Power Problems?                        
Installed Meter | Nexus 1500

Installed Meter | Nexus 1500

If so, Eta Projects can help to diagnose the problem and implement a cost effective solution.
Problems can be any one of the following:

  • Voltage Interruptions/Disturbances.
  • UPS Failures.
  • Generator Problems.
  • Failure of Power Factor Equipment.
  • Transformer Overheating.
  • Harmonic Problems.
  • Transient Voltage Problems.
  • Inadvertent Operation of Protective Devices.
  • Overheating Cables.


Power Monitoring

Network your meters to provide real time data from your power system within your facility.
This data could be valuable information to:

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

  • Early Identifications of Power Problems.
  • Prevent Harmonic Problems.
  • Prevent Transformers, Conductors, and Cables from Overheating.
  • Increase Reliability and Productivity of your Power System.
  • Manage Energy Costs.

Eta Projects has a proven track record in Power Quality Monitoring and resolving
Power Problems using our own proprietary Power analysers.
We provide:

  • Installation of Advanced Power Analysers.
  • Power Monitoring Software.
  • Fully trained Engineers to interpret the information recorded.
  • A solution to any Power Problem before it adversely affects your business.


Interested in finding out how Power Monitoring would benefit your business?

Please contact Eta Projects for an immediate investigation and solution to your power problem or visit our product page to see
an overview of the products we can provide.

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