Eta Projects Ltd is an independent firm of Consulting Engineers, providing comprehensive Mechanical and Electrical services to design, manage and deliver your projects. We are specifically focused on sectors where Mechanical and Electrical services are critical to business, such as Healthcare, Telecommunications, Trading Floors and Printing.

Business continuity and sustainability is our key focus.

Drawings smallWe deliver a personal service by building on relationships with our clients but yet maintaining impartiality and commerciality in our design approach.
We undertake all our designs with our clients’ long term strategic plans in mind. We apply strategic thinking to ensure that each individual project is
designed to compliment the others and contribute holistically towards a long term infrastructure.

Our business model operates through four streams of business. These are:

1. Engineering Consultancy
2. Metering Solutions

3. Authorising and Training
4. Telecommunications

SC - UKAS - 9001